SoundDigger Vol.72: Jazz mixes @ SOFRITO

Sonntag, 24. Oktober 2010 um 21:31 - futziwolf

The wizard returns!
Frankie Francis leaves his top-secret work in the mastering studio to lay down a selection of jazzy calypso and cumbia – pitching Trinidad against Colombia in a fight for Tropical domination!  Sweet sounds from the ’50s to the ’70s, celebrating vintage dancefloor sounds from another generation – Check the tracklisting below and decide who wins for
yourself! Don’t forget to check next Sofrito 12″, cooked up by Frankie and Simbad – out soon!
Franky Francis mix

Happy Jazz mix

More Tropical rhythms from Happy Jazz!  Selector extraordinaire
Adrian Leach has dug deep for an hour of seriously heavy sounds – taking
in Manding grooves from Mali, highlife from Ghana, deep biguine jazz
from Guadeloupe, funky reggae from Jamaica and many more styles from
across the tropics…
Happy Jazz mix

Hugo Mendez – Jazz con Sabor mix

Taking a little step away from the rawer African and Caribbean sounds
to music from an altogether different time and place, this mix
celebrates the pioneers and classics of Afro-Cuban jazz – Art Blakey,
Chano Pozo, Art Farmer, Horace Silver, Cachao, Walfredo de los Reyes and co….
Musical experiments that melded Latin rhythm with be-bop to produce
classic sounds that were way ahead of their time and still resonate
today – hard to believe some of this music is over 50 years old!  Mix
yourself a cocktail and travel back to another era…
Jazz con Sabor mix


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