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Sonntag, 18. November 2012 um 01:47 - futziwolf

Thank You No Thank You by Geoff Berner


It seems we Jews have found some brand new friends,
And God knows we can use all we can get,
I know you shouldn't judge a person by their fashion sense,
Or just because you think you smell something funny on their breath.

But these new friends, they are a special kind,
They used to say that we pollute their blood, and worse.
They used to kind of hate us, until they changed their minds,
They suspected that we were more skillful lovers (true, of course).

But now they march around their rallies with a Star of David in their hand,
They don't even throw it in a bonfire at the end,
I suppose we should be grateful, now they hate some people more,
I was raised to be polite, so I say "Thanks for your support."

I say
Thank you, thank you, thank you--
But no thank you.

And then there are those Christians born again...
You know, they used to call us "Christ-killers" but now,
The sons of Sheriff Clark were on the road to Washington
When they converted Israel to their sacred cow.

But it's all just to serve their comic book of prophecy--
You see, for Jesus to return it is imperative that we
Be the center of a war that will destroy the world entire
Then they'll laugh and dance and sing
As we fall, with the Six Million, into their lake of fire

Thank you, thank you, thank you--
But no thank you.

Have you ever been invited to a party,
You look around and think "I feel so wrong here" and then
You whisper to your soul, "O soul! Where are we?
And why do all these assholes act like we belong here with them?"

Then you remember what your Mom said about the company you keep,
You're lingering by the cheese dip, so depressed you want to weep,
Maybe that's the time when it is time to contemplate
Why we're getting so much love from all these people more famous for their ability to incinerate

And say
Thank you Madam Le Pen,
Thank you E.D.L.,
Thank you Geert Wilders,
But no thank you.

Thank you Mr. Blocher,
Thank you Siv Jensen,
Thank you Mr. Breivik,
But no thank you.

And in addition
Thank you Stephen Harper,
Thank you Mitt Romney,
Thank you Netanyahu,
But no thank you.
No thank you.


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