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Freitag, 19. April 2013 um 19:00 - futziwolf

S Olbricht - The Last Act Of Dorothy Stratten
S Olbricht - The Last Act Of Dorothy Stratten
S Olbricht - The Last Act Of Dorothy Stratten

S Olbricht was a famous german producer, songwriter. At the 70's he led
the great disco band S Tuder. In the year 1979 he moved to Los Angeles
and met with a club promoter and pimp Paul Snider. Snider was helping a
lot to Olbricht and his band, thanks to him S Tuder became the resident
band at the Century City Club. After Snider's wife, Dorothy Stratten
began working at the club, Olbircht and the girl fell in love and a
tragic romance unfolded. She and Olbricht were lovers for a year. No
doubt, Olbricht wrote his best songs during this time.
Shortly after the love begun, on August 14, 1980 the jelous husband
killed Dorothy and Olbricht and his records has disappeared.
'The last act of Dorothy Stratten' is a selection of the lost
and found tapes of S Olbricht.
All off this recordings was inspired by Dorothy's beauty and glamour.


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