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SPEkTR : "B/W vs Technicolor" : CD/LP : (tocado // cargo) : VÖ september 2008 label:

Nein, es geht nicht um die Industrial Black Metal Band SPEKTR sonder um die dänische Formation SPEkTR. Kennt eigentlich noch jemand den Schauspieler EDDIE CONSTANTINE? Sechziger Jahre Krimi Trash wie FBI-Agent Lemmy Caution in dem Film "Im Banne des blonden Satans", oder "Lemmy Caution gegen Alpha 60" mit Eddie in seiner Paraderolle, von Jean-Luc Godard. Der Film gewann den Goldenen Bären auf der Berlinale 1965. Hätte heute jemand so eine geniale Hackfresse wie EDDIE C. und würde sich heute jemand finden, aus diesen Kinoperlen ein Remake zu machen, SPEkTR hätten den perfekten Soundtrack dazu. Soviel Sixties-Charme war seit STEREOLAB nicht mehr. Was nicht heißen soll, das SPEkTR easy wären, im Gegenteil, sie sind zuweilen sogar ganz schön sperrig, vertrackt und haben sicher auch eine Vorliebe für psychodelische Stimmungen. Ihre Filmsoundtrack Musik lässt zwar vieles aus den Sechzigern und Siebzigern raushören ist aber dennoch sehr zeitgemäß.
Und dann diese Cover: das Teil mit seinem Foto eines Videotapes sieht so dermaßen scheiße aus, das selbst die neugekaufte CD wirkt, als hätte sie zwanzig Jahre auf den Flohmärkten Europas hinter sich. Nicht das mich hier jemand falsch versteht, ich möchte diese Review als absolute Kaufempfehlung verstanden wissen! - großmutter futziwolf
>>> What SPEkTR are composing, is something that uses elements of rock, surf, electronics and vocal-stylings, so that it`s rock music. But not the characteristic rock`n`roll that people associate with film-soundtracks today, it`s actually an older school....but with a futurist ambition" <<< David Fricke, Rolling Stone magazine artist website: contact: SPEkTR sind:
MANOJ RAMDAS ~ Guitars, Banjo, Keys, Circuit bends, Tape manipulations, Vox
CEM AVUS ~ Drums, Percussion, Vox
HENRIK MADSEN ~ Bass, Spanish Guitar, Vox
KARSTEN GARNER ~ Percussion, Cymbals and fake Timpani
OLE J. STORLI ~ Keys, Synths, Noise
SARA FIIL ~ Soprano
snippets des ganzen albums: video:
SPEkTR - things that go bump in the night






Imagine ... "Screaming Tv-Screens, blazing in heavenly Technicolor. Twanged-out Guitars under an enormous Sunset accompanied by Morriconesque Girl Choirs, as Bass and Drum Groove to the Beat of a Static Now. Disharmonic String-sections with Bows on Cymbals, jittery Harpsichords, clustered Timpani-motives and Tubular Bells eerily chime. Cobweb-like Circuit-bends and Micro-synths meshed in Tape-manipulations on dusty Retro-Drummachines, Handclaps and a worn Hammond-organ. The Surf never breaks on a Wave of White Noise!" A NOW-Soundtrack for THEN-Movies MANOJ RAMDAS, former guitarist of THE RAVEONETTES and his Associates, collectively named SPEkTR, formed in Denmark 2001, are emerging with new album entitled "B/w vs. Technicolour". Recorded in Copenhagen, Denmark and Los Angeles, as a tribute to the lost art of 60`s-70`s soundtrack composing and the ber-cool music from that aera. SPEkTR have written a pastiche-album.

A "Retro-N-Soundtrack" if you like, containing original material, composed, performed and produced by the band. All inspired by the likes of Herrman, Mancini, Goldsmith, Morricone and performed with today`s rock antics and attitude. While the band constellation holds: guitar, bass, drums, percussion, organ, synths and sampler, additional sonic texture for the album was enquired by the usage of string-sections, brass ensembles, classical percussionists, girl choirs and various electronic gadgets. Compositions like "Micro-Caine" and "The Bronson Beat" with their distinct 70`s black-market Bollywood-rock feel, seem a perfect fit for a Steve McQueen or Bruce Lee movie never put into production! And while "Things that Go Bump in the Night"s manic pounding drummachinebeat and haunting harpsichord theme reminiscent, the stalking robot-gunslinger from "Westworld", "Drops O` Kurare" softly sedates and paralyzes with it`s sweet and breezy guitarline, reverby bongos and polynesian-like chorus.
The title track "B/w vs. Technicolour" is likely to raise all the demonic chills of a Leone/Morricone collaboration, with its stomping surf-march intro building to a climax that again descents into a romantic and lush end theme...... A so-called ride into the sunset scene. SPEkTR have toured Scandinavia and Europe extensively since 2001 and will be going on the road again early March for a few selected dates around Europe.

SKINNERBOX : "Show Your Teeth" : CD/LP : (tocado // cargo) : VÖ september 2008 label:

SKINNERBOX bezeichnen ihr Zeug selber als "stinking socks rock", dazu muss ein sich ein gehörige Portion Grunge der ironischen Art vorstellen, kombiniert mit ner Prise GaragePunkRock und einem Eimer voll Bluesinferno, wie er wohl in der Hölle gepflegt wird. Als Inspiration nennen die drei Zahnfetischisten die STOOGES, die WHITE STRIPES, NICK CAVE und FUGAZI. Alles klar? - großmutter futziwolf
artist website: contact: bookingcontact: mukke: video:
mr. skinnerbox



Skinnerbox shows that pop music and abjectness are inextricable connected. They show that energy does not need high technical skills. Skinnerbox calls it 'stinking socks rock'. When they perform together, universal energy is being spread amongst the heads of their participants.
They Stink. They Sweat. They Screech and howl.
Skinnerbox is being filled by:
Die Eisern Frau
The bass guitar and (backing) vocals are performed by Die Eisern Frau.
Her bass style is crackling, rippin' and raw. She pumps it off. Any time you`d like her to.
She's Well Aware Without a Plectrum. Not playing without her beloved distortion tool.
That is Die Eisern Frau: banging without balls.
Drill Bill
He is the director, the conscious and THE ANIMAL of Skinnerbox.
His way of playing the drums is unknown. And unseen.
From hitting to fuddling, drumming to trashing, Drill Bill does it all.
On the stage he's unpredictable, despite his lack of taking medicine.
Preacher Boneway
At last Preacher Boneway is being presented to you.
By the likes of sweat, singing, spitting and cursing he completes this illustrious fellowship.
Swaying on stage and bumping around, he don't care bout no past or future.

PONY PACK : "Claws and Fists" : CD/LP : (tocado // cargo) : VÖ september 2008 label:

PONY PACK sind die schottische Sängerin Jane Mack, der Drummer Robert Fischer aus Bayern und an der Gitarre der Amsterdamer Orang Goreng. Seit 2005 bringen die drei eine zeitgemäße, moderne Form von GaragePunk auf die Bühne. Es scheppert zwar gewaltig nach Siebzigern, aber das Gedengel ist recht unterhaltsam und kurzweilig angelegt und sprüht den Charme der Amsterdamer Metropole, wobei dem Trio ihre ironisch satirische Haltung glaubhaft gutsteht. Einzig die schrille und recht variationslose Stimme von Jane Mack nervt dann am Ende von "Claws and Fists" schon ein wenig. Texte und Booklet gab es auf allen drei Alben von Tocado Records nicht. Kann ich also nix zu sagen. - großmutter futziwolf
artist website: contact: bookingcontact: PONY PACK sind:
Jane Mack - vocals, bass
Robert Fischer - drums
Orang Goreng : guitar
mukke: video:






Live dates:
Dec 5 - Overtoom 301 - Amsterdam
Jan 8 - Vera (tbc) - Groningen
With an endless list of influences from seventies punk,
post-punk, new-wave, psychedelia and grunge, Pony Pack make music
according to their own impulses. The outcome is catchy garage rock
that`s as dirty and satirical as it is sweet and sincere.
Hailing from the cosmopolitan city of Amsterdam, Pony Pack is a band
with a diverse background; Jane from the Scottish capital of
Edinburgh, Robert from the dark Bavaria of Germany and Orang Goreng,
an urban Amsterdammer with an Indonesian flavour. Pony Pack was formed
by Jane and Robert after a chance encounter in November 2005. Not long
after, they recorded their first demo with Robert on drums and Jane on
both bass and guitar. To develop their live sound they recruited Orang
Goreng as guitarist in the autumn of 2006 and Pony Pack was truly
Since february 2007, Pony Pack has played in countless clubs, squats,
parties and festivals in and around the Netherlands. In january 2008,
they took to the road with The Suicidal Birds and Mexican Holiday for
their first international tour. Pony Pack are currently recording
their debut album. The release is due on Tocado records later this


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