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Do, 05.03.2020 2kilos & More & Black Sifichi + Imminent im DJaezz

19:30 : open doors
2kilos & More & Black Sifichi + Imminent
RELEASE PARTY 2kilos & More\'s new album "Exempt"
Geschenke fuer die ersten Besucher !


21:30 : IMMINENT
Eintritt : 10 Euro

Five years after "Lieux-Dits", the elusive duet 2KILOS &MORE return with a new diverse opus even more enveloping as its predecessor. Swell your lungs and exhale, "EXEMPT" is a true deep dive into cerebral rapture.
The 7 songs within "EXEMPT" plunge the listener into a dreamlike deviation between post-rock and electronica. The mix of styles and the music cross-over are more seamless than ever.

This time, they were joined by bass player DEF for the first time and featuring BLACK SIFICHI once more for the most compelling vocals. This last will be on stage with them during the next European tour in 2020.
Recorded at Salon-Berlin Recordings studio then produced in Paris by DEF (Von Magnet, Meta Meat …) and mastered by NORSCQ (The Grief, Colder, Born Bad Records…).

From the early 90\'s Olivier Moreau\'s musical output has always been on the edge of industrial and techno. While contacts and exchange between the scenes were sparse, he built bridges between the two, switching from one to the other with ease. Especially with his Imminent Starvation project he merged both styles to new levels. In the matter of a few albums and ep\'s he established himself as one of the leader of the now so called rhythmic noise genre, scoring a few classic club hits and generating a cult following.

After the release of his ‚Nord‘ album he shortened his moniker to Imminent, while sharpening and modernizing his sound. Other highlights of the Imminent discography are the many collaborations releases with the German duo Synapscape. On the podium his many live actions around the globe have fulfilled his reputation by leaving his audience exhausted and ecstatic after his powerful and merciless sets.

Apart from his Imminent alias, Moreau did also collaborate with many musicians across various genres in the field of electronic music.

Location: DJaezz
Ort: Duisburg, Boersenstrasse 11

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