SoundDigger Vol.53:

Samstag, 28. August 2010 um 00:02 - futziwolf
A familiar face in the clubs of London and Eastern Europe Dom Servini
  can  be spotted most evening dragging his bag of jazz records to
  entertain the  dreamers and dropouts of our smoky city.  When he’s not
  Djing he’s normally busy promoting one of a host of events or
  championing new music on his wahwah45 label. The man is tireless,
  honestly I think he even makes the Jehovah’s feel slothenly.  So friends
  let me tell you it took a little patience and a few kick backs to prize
  this mix from the mans busy schedule.  I’m glad to say however it was
  worth it, damn, it would have been worth it just for the third track on
  this mix - Richie Havens’ heavenly “Sugar Plums”, but there’s eight more
  tracks where that came from.
  You can tune into Dom’s weekly show on Colourful radio and you can stay
  up to date with all things servin at: wahwah45s

More Latin heat from our friends over at the excellent Musica del Alma website! DJ Slim Jenkins mixes up some hot Guaguanco’s, descarga’s and cumbia’s from Colombia and the Caribbean, starting off with the ryco Jazz version of Ray Baretto’s “La Juventud”, definitely one of the toughest Latin sounds to come out of Guadeloupe! Don’t forget to Check the Musica Del Alma website for more mixes from across the Latin spectrum….


 1. Gucci Vump – Shashtilism
 2. Swing Kids – Nonsense
 3. Gideon – Y Mi Tas
 4. Underworld – Always Loved A Film (Solo RMX)
 5. Jazzbit – Sing Sing Sing (Yolanda Be Cool RMX)
 6. Alfred Heinrichs – I Don’t Know (Sascha Braemer RMX)
 7. Rah Band – Clouds Across The Moon (Neuroxyde + A.B. RMX)
 8. Manaré – Speakeasy
 9. Tom Staar – Console
 10. Homework – Fissa Tune
 11. Zombie Disco Squad – Zimbo
 12. Ronte Monte Mo – Jule Wäscht Sich Nie
 13. Kento Slash Demon – Brunn
Dj O.Live.R'S "Liebhaberei" Mixtape by Dj O.Live.R on Mixcloud
  Coming within a few days  is "Flux" by Manni Dee.
  6 tracks that could vaguely be categorized in the abstract soul, glitch
  hiphop field. One of the main strength of this release
  is some really soulful and catchy melodies
  that trends to get stuck in your mind. Something great to whistle during
  your walk in the wild side. Here is a little preview:
Callaway Days by Bedroom Research




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