SoundDigger Vol.113: salsa-jazz-circusmusic + Soul-Funk-HipHop-Beats

Samstag, 12. März 2011 um 00:07 - futziwolf

Gato Loco - The Splinter Mix
01. (00:00) Gato Loco - Coconino
02. (02:03) Beyondo - The Blues Speaks to My Soul
03. (04:42) Gato Loco - Cat On The Town
05. (12:30) Alsarah and the Nubatones - Rennat
06. (16:15) Bio Ritmo - Dina's Mambo
07. (18:20) Leonhart & Avramina7 - DreamsOfAnAquarian
08. (20:22) Gato Loco - The Mexicans
09. (23:04) Very Be Careful - El Viajero del Tiempo
10. (26:00) The Sway Machinery - Anim Zemiros
11. (27:27) Yula & The Extended Family - Silencio

This show features a lot of nice but moody vibes. I started with the almighty Serge Gainsbourg and a track he made for the soundtrack of the film "Anna". Then a bit of Archie Bells and the new beatmaking sensations Tall Black Guy from the US and Jazzneversleeps from Belgium. I could not make this show without including a bit of 4hero's wizardry. I added a little gem from Change and the nice treatment it received from Zamali, another belgian talent. Then some French hip hop with a club vibe: Digestif by Set & Match. Love this one. Then a great singer from the US, Mara Hruby and her cover of Is This Love, a bit of Nujabes, and also as requested, a remix of Erykah Badu I did back in the day. Ending with a nice edit of Marvin Gaye, more moody funk, and an instant west London classic. Enjoy and share it.


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