SoundDigger :: the cemetery rave list

SoundDigger 331 :: SRT : düstertechno / Herr 2003 : acoustic technoblues /  Klartraum: deep house / Josh Martinez, Awol One & DJ Moves : hiphop

SoundDigger 330 :: YUNCLAS : ambient techno / CADEU : experimental techno / HINDS : lofi surf pop / XIO

Sounddigger Vol. 329: dada powell : HipHop / mic mills : Jungle / folamour : House / jens lekman : IndiePop / brutal chérie : FrenchPunk

Sounddigger Vol. 328: Electronic Cassette Culture // Coastal Haze // Complex Channel Records // TUMA Cassetten // Urban Waves Records

Sounddigger Vol. 327: Guy Fawkes discomix :: mslxrecordings // Björn Toske // Bad Keys Drip by EGADZ

Sounddigger Vol. 326: spokenwordpunk: Mark Wynn // diyfolkpunk: Bogsey // electroambientkitsch: Uncle Skeleton // techhouse: PistolPete

Sounddigger Vol. 325: french connection: ABBY - VASTECHOSES 03 - Nina Harker - Usé - Worldendrecordz - Violence Conjugale

Sounddigger Vol. 324: ... Sounds that you will not like. ...

Sounddigger Vol. 323: ... to blow away your depression ...

Sounddigger Vol. 322: OLD SEED : doomfolk // Darko the Super, edison, The Criminal Minds : HipHop/breakbeats // In Aeternam Vale : drone techno

Sounddigger Vol. 321: Broken Silence News: SOCIEDADE RECREATIVA + RED STAR ORCHESTRA

Sounddigger Vol.320: AUTONOMADS + YAWL

Sounddigger Vol.319: spooky hiphop + london glitch + Heskin Radiophonic + Street Bangerz Volume 10

Sounddigger Vol.318: postdarkwave + grlspunk + techno + hiphop

Sounddigger Vol.317: For The Sad, The Mad And The Lonely + The Grand Magoozi

Sounddigger Vol.316: beats'n'breaks + abstract beats + techouse

Sounddigger Vol.315: experimentaldiytechhouse: KACKEGERUCH // COR

Sounddigger Vol.314: techhouse - gangstafolk - drum & bass - zürihouse

Sounddigger Vol.313: so glad records // Riviera Club // funky deephouse // abstract ambient tech house

Sounddigger Vol.312: turntablism boombap hiphop

Sounddigger Vol.311: french folk // noise pop // indiefolk

Sounddigger Vol.310: experimental hip hop - deep house - glitch-hop

Sounddigger Vol.309: BEAUNOISE: hiphop/drum'n'bass/breakcore // V.A. on Deep Heads Records: dubstep // tru thoughts mix

Sounddigger Vol.308: deep tech house: Colman Buckley + Oli Furness // HipHop: rare & classic fuck-the-cops tracks

Sounddigger Vol.307: AFFEMARIA + Hanno Leichtmann + The Dead Peasants Revolt + Tommy V with Awol One, 2Mex, Ceschi + OHMEGA WATTS + Jordan Miché

Sounddigger Vol.306: Ceschi (FolkPunkHiphop) - Cocoina (CrunkHiphopJungleDrum&Bass) - Mock Church (lo-fi indie)

Sounddigger Vol.305: CREAKED RECORDS Preview

Sounddigger Vol.304: ElectronicAmbientDoom - GlitterHouse - Punk

Sounddigger Vol.303: afro/world beats - punk 'n roll - folkpunk

Sounddigger Vol.302: Brazilian beats - Latin Drum'n Bass - Jazz

Sounddigger Vol.301: Geburtstagsständchen für LINA

Sounddigger Vol.300: IBEYI mixtape // Hedonist Jazz // Zomb. - Retrospective Of A Beat Addict Vol. 1

Sounddigger Vol.299: free Compilation + Cuthead Re-Press by Uncanny Valley // New Vinyl LP by The Wave Pictures

Sounddigger Vol.298: indiepunk - discotechno - beats

Sounddigger Vol.297: hiphop-beats- techno

SoundDigger Vol.296: Poker Flat Recordings - deep tech house + punk

SoundDigger Vol.295: Big PAUPER + LIAM BETSON + SIRIA + MONSTER RALLY - showgazehiphop - folk - afrocumbiabeat - exoticsurfschmaltz

SoundDigger Vol.294: Harley Poe + Reverend Moon + Jordaan Mason

SoundDigger Vol.293: lo-fi folk

SoundDigger Vol.292: tekkno + house // jazz the mess with BASTARD JAZZ

SoundDigger Vol.291: tekkno - furztrokken, die zweite

SoundDigger Vol.290: deep house/detroit techno aus Dresden // The Young Mothers : hiphopfreejazz // Kate Tempest : HipHop

SoundDigger Vol.289: bom-bap-beats // hardcore-punk // goth-folk-punk

SoundDigger Vol.288: country-folk-punk // prewar-ragtime-jazz

SoundDigger Vol.287: country-folk-punk-songwriter

SoundDigger Vol.286: Folk: VIKESH KAPOOR

SoundDigger Vol.285: Québec Redneck Bluegrass Project + CANAILLES = cajunbluegrasspunk + Swearing At Motorists // indierock

SoundDigger Vol.284: acidhouse + indieloopfolk + cinematicfolk

SoundDigger Vol.283: nerdcore folk hiphop

SoundDigger Vol.282: R.I.P. Nelson Mandela :: ANALOG AFRICA :: afrofunk // mambocumbia by Anibal VelasQuez Y Su Conjunto

SoundDigger Vol.281: voll krass :: SWING + FUNK + BASS // voll krank :: FOLK + PUNK

SoundDigger Vol.280: KOFFIE : AfroBeatJazz + BAD COP : Punk

SoundDigger Vol.279: CosmicJazz

SoundDigger Vol.278: TummyTouchRecords: BASTARDJAZZ + Bing Ji Ling

SoundDigger Vol.277: afro jazz :: Batsumi + Bea Benjamin

SoundDigger Vol.276: folk slumber punk :: Liam the Younger

SoundDigger Vol.275: SLEAFORD MODS modpunkhop + MANIX d&b

SoundDigger Vol.274: FOLKTALE RECORDS + Juniper Tree Songs = delicious d.i.y. folk vinyl + strange, noisy low-fi tapes

SoundDigger Vol.273: The TAXPAYERS + LONE WOLF + SWEAT JEAN = d.i.y. folk punk + acoustic banjo rockabilly + indie folk

SoundDigger Vol.272: acoustic folk: Keith Abott !!! Human Behavior + The Wave Pictures + Los Hermanos Cubero

SoundDigger Vol.271: ENZO ELIA italian balearic gabba post disco + ONSIND acoustic discount horse folk-punk @ plan-it-x

Sounddigger Vol.268: Garantiert 1A Majorlabel untaugliches, vollkommen nutzloses Geschrammel, incl. Fieldrecordings + answering machines

Sounddigger Vol.267: bass: electroacoustic + dub + drum and bass

Sounddigger Vol.266: 808 bass cumbia dub + hardcorebreakbeat

SoundDigger Vol.265: D.I.Y. electrofolkpop

SoundDigger Vol.264: metalhardcorepunk + ambient + folk

SoundDigger Vol.263: lofi hillbilly + slowcore folk + folkpunk + breakcore

SoundDigger Vol.262 :: 02

SoundDigger Vol.261: indiepop + bad skapunk + electronic downtempo folk

SoundDigger Vol.260: "Ein Kessel Buntes" deeptechfunkbeatscountryfolkjazz

SoundDigger Vol.259: low-fi beats on cassette + chicago house
S Olbricht - The Last Act Of Dorothy Stratten

SoundDigger Vol.258: lekka minimaldubtekkno / furztrokken

SoundDigger Vol.257: dubtechno + doomtech

SoundDigger Vol.256: emo punk noise electronic

SoundDigger Vol.255: deep tech + IndieFolk

SoundDigger Vol.254: Best TRU THOUGHTS MIX ever !!!
Joe Acheson (Hidden Orchestra) mix:

SoundDigger Vol.253: HipHop + FolkTronic @ Circle Into Square 

SoundDigger Vol.252: deep tech electronic ambient + FOLKTALE Records

SoundDigger Vol.251: News @ FIRST WORD RECORDS

SoundDigger Vol.250: Soophie Nun Squad + Ghost Mice

SoundDigger Vol.249: “Heavy Duty Tooty Fruity Rock’n'Roll Hour” "
by: Gringo Starr, Reverend Beat-Man, Brother Panti-Christ & El Tiki

SoundDigger Vol.248 :: News @ WahWah Records

SoundDigger Vol.247 :: Eskimo Recordings + Four Tet mixtapes

SoundDigger Vol.246 :: drum & bass + electronica

SoundDigger Vol.245 :: Punk // HC // Garage // Breakcore

SoundDigger Vol.244 :: acoustic folk // folkpunk // indie pop

SoundDigger Vol.243 :: AfroSpace + Jazz + abstract beats + Breakcore

SoundDigger Vol.242 :: Haunted Blues by Lonesome Shack

SoundDigger Vol.241 :: sad songs for sad days

SoundDigger Vol.240 :: TRAINWRECK

SoundDigger Vol.239 :: Knifefight! > Folkpunk <

SoundDigger Vol.238 :: Dday One + 1000Names

SoundDigger Vol.237 :: hiphop beats 'n'sketches @ Original Cultures

SoundDigger Vol.236 :: Norwegian Arms + AYUNG KYUNG

SoundDigger Vol.235 :: ghost mice - plant your roots

SoundDigger Vol.234 :: Dead Man's Tale

SoundDigger Vol.233 :: This Is The Kit @ BRASSLAND'

SoundDigger Vol.232 :: ANTI FADE records

SoundDigger Vol.231 :: Clocked Out

SoundDigger Vol.230 :: PARIS DJs :: Cumbia + AfroJazz

SoundDigger Vol.229 :: The Sarcastic Dharma Society + Pangaea V.A. LP

SoundDigger Vol.228 :: Get Better! Records + H.M. Woodson + nice split EPs @ communist party - Duckmask // Ol' Dirty Coyote split

SoundDigger Vol.227 :: subnav + progolog mixtapes

SoundDigger Vol.226: Awol One + Misanthrop & Aqua Luminus III.

SoundDigger Vol.225: Soundway Records : ONDATROPICA

SoundDigger Vol.224: Dusted Jazz Volume Two

SoundDigger Vol.223: KnowmadWats+BeatsAntique+Jenova7+BLOCKHEAD

SoundDigger Vol.222: FIRST WORD RECORDS Sampler Volume Six

SoundDigger Vol.221: COLMAN BROTHERS @ wahwah45 records

SoundDigger Vol.220: HipHop : Neue Platte von Nic Knatterton

SoundDigger Vol.219: FIRST WORD RECORDS Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra

SoundDigger Vol.218: HipHop/Soul/Funk/Jazz + NuJazz

SoundDigger Vol.217: news @ wahwah45 records SCRIMSHIRE

SoundDigger Vol.216: Soul/Funk/Afro // From Jazz to HipHop

SoundDigger Vol.215: THE HIGH HATS

SoundDigger Vol.214: Beats/HipHop // Hedonist Jazz 17

SoundDigger Vol.213: Hedonist Jazz 16

SoundDigger Vol.212: Hedonist Jazz 15 // HipHop/Funk/Jazz

SoundDigger Vol.211: breakcore + drum&bass :: antismap + suckz

SoundDigger Vol.210: Beats/Funk/Jazz // Faces of Miles

SoundDigger Vol.209: Early Afro Blues, Rock, Salsa // Soul-Funk

SoundDigger Vol.208: HEDONIST :: From Jazz to HipHop

SoundDigger Vol.207: HEDONIST Jazz : EBO TAYLOR // Poetry +Jazz

SoundDigger Vol.206: HEDONIST Jazz // NuJazz

SoundDigger Vol.205: HEDONIST Jazz // Beats/Soul/Funk/HipHop

SoundDigger Vol.204: HEDONIST ClassicJazz // NuJazz

SoundDigger Vol.203: SpringBreaks // HEDONIST Jazz

SoundDigger Vol.202: SpaceFunkSoulElectro // ANOST-mixtape No. 8

SoundDigger Vol.201: Hedonist Jazz

SoundDigger Vol.200: HipHop // Hedonist Jazz

SoundDigger Vol.198: Asian Grooves // Hedonist Jazz

SoundDigger Vol.198: Asian Grooves // Hedonist Jazz

SoundDigger Vol.197: fättä abstract beats scheiße // Jazz // Afro

SoundDigger Vol.196: Hedonist Jazz

SoundDigger Vol.196: liquid funk

SoundDigger Vol.195: House // Hedonist Jazz

SoundDigger Vol.195: dubstep / jungle / drum'n'bass / rave

SoundDigger Vol.194: Hedonist Jazz // NuSoul/Funk/Jazz

SoundDigger Vol.193: Happy Birthday Lina Mix

SoundDigger Vol.192: MAD-HOP @ Bedroom Research

SoundDigger Vol.191: Rare Afro modal and deep jazz

SoundDigger Vol.190: Bollywood-Dubstep

SoundDigger Vol.189: fftang! CumbiaMiniMix - BalkanSurf

SoundDigger Vol.188: HipHop - GibsyDixieBlues - NuSoul/Beats

SoundDigger Vol.186: DIY Bandits Collective

SoundDigger Vol.185: HipHop/Afro/Funk + PostWaveIndieFolkPunk

SoundDigger Vol.184: Glad2Mecha & Ill Treats - Hello

SoundDigger Vol.182: Beats/House/Jazz + disco

SoundDigger Vol.181: Beats/Dubstep + Soul/House + electro

SoundDigger Vol.180: electrohouse + DIY Radio +afrobeat

SoundDigger Vol.179: Funk/Soul/Jazz/Groove + Folk + Agitprop

SoundDigger Vol.178: DIY Radio

SoundDigger Vol.177: TRU THOUGHTS Freebies + Remix Competition

SoundDigger Vol.176: DRUMnBASS mix + ELECTROpop mix

SoundDigger Vol.175: Nostalgia77 + 80s Soul/Rap + Contemporary Jazz

SoundDigger Vol.174: Funk//HipHop/Beats + Jazz

SoundDigger Vol.173: SISKIYOU on Constellation Records

SoundDigger Vol.172: The Greg Foat Group @ PARIS DJs

SoundDigger Vol.171: Loungy Electronica + Soul/HipHop/Jazz/Beats

SoundDigger Vol.170: Folk-Jazz Mix + Quantic Mix

SoundDigger Vol.169: Beats/Soul/Jazz + rare grooves

SoundDigger Vol.168: Ste McCabe und Stella Zine

SoundDigger Vol.167: We like to dance to the AUFSTAND

SoundDigger Vol.166: FrenchPopBeats + HipHopElectro

SoundDigger Vol.165: Dj Wasp aka Primate - Bass Session

SoundDigger Vol.164: the blundetto tunes

SoundDigger Vol.163: Jazz + JazzHouse

SoundDigger Vol.162: paris.djs: trance + groove/jazz/bossa

SoundDigger Vol.161: HipHop/Funk/Reggae + Global Beats

SoundDigger Vol.159: DnB + Nouvelle Vague

SoundDigger Vol.158: NERDCORE NEWS :: "ALL" BBC Essential Mixes

SoundDigger Vol.157: Beats/Hip Hop/Electronica +Jazz/Spoken Words

SoundDigger Vol.156: VersusMix + CosmicTropicalDisco @ PARIS DJs

SoundDigger Vol.155: HIDDEN ORCHESTRA @ PARIS DJs + ItaloDisco

SoundDigger Vol.154: DJ SANDEMAN: The Rough Guide To Lowlands

SoundDigger Vol.153: Shawn Lee Betamix + Funkin For Jamaica

SoundDigger Vol.152: Italo/Disco/House

SoundDigger Vol.151: Abstract/Offbeat/Electronic + Beats/Bass/HipHop

SoundDigger Vol.150: Melting Pot + One Handed Music

SoundDigger Vol.149: Soul/Disco/DeepHouse + GlobalBeats/Ethnotronics

SoundDigger Vol.148: BEYOND PINK Hardcore-Punk-Riot-Girls

SoundDigger Vol.146: Hip Hop/Jazz/Indie/Electronic/Psych

SoundDigger Vol.145: Soul/Funk/Breaks + Brazil/Samba/Jazz

SoundDigger Vol.144: Funk/Soul/House/Disco/HipHop/Worldbeat

SoundDigger Vol.143: WorldBeat/Jazz + TECHNO/HOUSE/TechHOUSE

SoundDigger Vol.142: HipHop/Funk/Jazz + DeepHOUSE/TECHNO /NuBeats

SoundDigger Vol.141: French Beats + Kwaks Groove Beat

SoundDigger Vol.140: Eclectic-Mix + Indie/Soul/House

SoundDigger Vol.139: Trotz Regen : Soul/Funk/Jazz/HipHop + Dubstep

SoundDigger Vol.138: HipHop/Soul/Jazz/Roots/Ambient

SoundDigger Vol.137: Oldschool D&B + JapanJazzMix

SoundDigger Vol.136: Funk/Disco/Beats/Jazz

SoundDigger Vol.135: Orsii :: Jazz, Spoken Word / Space Invader Radio

SoundDigger Vol.134: D&B/Beats/HipHop/Funk/Soul

SoundDigger Vol.133: JellyJazz RadioShow + Beats/HipHop/Soul-mix

SoundDigger Vol.132: Leftfield Disco/SingerSongwiter/New Wave/Rock/Hip

SoundDigger Vol.131: The Natural Yogurt Band Mix @ parisdjs

SoundDigger Vol.130: French Label: Cafe Creme Contreband + COMET

SoundDigger Vol.129: Funk/Soul + HipHop/Jazz

SoundDigger Vol.128: HipHop/Jazz/Funk/Beats

SoundDigger Vol.127: Jazz/Beats/D&B/HipHop/Funk/Latin

SoundDigger Vol.126: PARIS DJs: Afrobeat + Thai Folk, Reggae, Jazz

SoundDigger Vol.125: KinkyStarRecords: Benny Zen

SoundDigger Vol.124: D&B/Glitch/Techno/Rudeboy/Afrobeat/WorldMusic

SoundDigger Vol.123: Beats/HipHop/Electronic/Jazz + D&B

SoundDigger Vol.122: PARIS DJs: Renegades of Jazz + Crazy Sambista + Ska + Delicious HipHop Classics Mixes for a "Put On Your Boots On" Night

SoundDigger Vol.121: Jelly Jazz + HipHop/Electronica/Beats

SoundDigger Vol.120: Hi​-​Hat Club @ MeltingPotMusic

SoundDigger Vol.119: Mr. Scruff + LAID BACK: HipHop/Beats/Jazz

SoundDigger Vol.118: One Handed Music Records

SoundDigger Vol.117: Beats/Jazz/DRUMnBASS/Funk/HipHop

SoundDigger Vol.115: Jazz / Funk / Hip Hop / Beats / Soul

SoundDigger Vol.114: Beck Hansens RECORD CLUB

SoundDigger Vol.113: salsa-jazz-circusmusic + Soul-Funk-HipHop-Beats

SoundDigger Vol.112: PARIS DJs: Motown70s rmx/Funk/Soul/Beats

SoundDigger Vol.111 :: SXSW - Musikfestival in Austin, Texas

SoundDigger Vol.110: LUDGER - “Auf Eis”

SoundDigger Vol.109: Lipstick Traces Sampler auf Ubuweb

SoundDigger Vol.108: PARIS DJs

SoundDigger Vol.107: HiddenOrchestra Mix + TRU THOUGHTS Radio

SoundDigger Vol.106: AfroBeat/Latin/Soul/Funk/Jazz-Mix

SoundDigger Vol.105: DnB/Jazz/Breaks/Soul/Funk/HipHop-Mix

SoundDigger Vol.104: Drum&Bass // Chillout

SoundDigger Vol.103: New Artists @ Bedroom Research

SoundDigger Vol.102: Sonic Youth Mixtape

SoundDigger Vol.101: Jelly Jazz + Urban World Music

SoundDigger Vol.100: Voodoo Funk + Sofrito Tropical Discotheque

SoundDigger Vol.99: Happy Birthday Mix für LINA

SoundDigger Vol.98: Funk/Soul/Jazz/Beats/Groove

SoundDigger Vol.97: Funk/Soul/Jazz/Hip Hop + Happy Hippie Shit

SoundDigger Vol.96: Hip da Hop

SoundDigger Vol.95: Classic Tracks by Tru Thoughts + Hidden Orchestra

SoundDigger Vol.94: Beats/Soul/Funk + FunkyBompaTropical

SoundDigger Vol.93: deep tropical house + Nu Soul/Hip Hop

SoundDigger Vol.92: Loudog – Creative Commons Ska

SoundDigger Vol.91: Culture Cuts

SoundDigger Vol.90: early dub step + popstep remixe

SoundDigger Vol.89: Label Love Vol. 02

SoundDigger Vol.88: Best of 2010 PostPunk/Ambient + Classic Jazz

SoundDigger Vol.87: BalkanTechHouse/HipHop/Beats

SoundDigger Vol.85: LAID BACK: Groove Funk'n'Soul'n'Jazz


SoundDigger Vol.83: LAID BACK JAZZ

SoundDigger Vol.82: MISHKA + THE QUIETUS

SoundDigger Vol.81: Gilles Peterson + Swing-House/DJ BADRE

SoundDigger Vol.80: playjazzloud + Parasite

SoundDigger Vol.79: Krush on Akwaaba + DJ

SoundDigger Vol.78: globalibre DJ

SoundDigger Vol.77: resident advisor podcasts

SoundDigger Vol.76: by PunksJumpUp

SoundDigger Vol.75: tea and cake records

SoundDigger Vol.74: drum'n'bass: shazbot + makoto

SoundDigger Vol.73: drum'n'bass: makoto + shazbot

SoundDigger Vol.72: Jazz mixes @ SOFRITO

SoundDigger Vol.71: one minute massacre @ SOULSEEK

SoundDigger Vol.70: 24h massacre @ SOULSEEK

SoundDigger Vol.69: Blaktroniks–Mix @ TOKIO DAWN Records

SoundDigger Vol.68: COMFORT FIT @ TOKIO DAWN Records

SoundDigger Vol.67: BEDROOM RESEARCH :: Professor OJO

SoundDigger Vol.66: son kas : Neuses Vinyl im November

SoundDigger Vol.65: DJ O.LiveR + VORTEX

SoundDigger Vol.64: MIXCLOUD: STONES THROW + Ganstein' Groove

SoundDigger Vol.63: SWEDE:ART @ TOKIO DAWN Records

SoundDigger Vol.62: Cloudcasts: Birthday Jazz by OdDio

SoundDigger Vol.61: ERIC CHENAUX on Constellation Records

SoundDigger Vol.59: POSTRAP: Epilog + Misanthrop

SoundDigger Vol.58: SISKIYOU on Constellation Records

SoundDigger Vol.57: WILLIE COLON & HECTOR LAVOE + Gonjasufi

SoundDigger Vol.55: strut records


SoundDigger Vol.53: wahwah + sofrito + bedroom research

SoundDigger Vol.52: The New Worck MixTapes

SoundDigger Vol.51: New SOFRITO Mixes

SoundDigger Vol.50: 70s AfroRock auf SOUNDWAY



SoundDigger Vol.47: SOFRITO + SOUL BONANZA


SoundDigger Vol.45: SOUNWAY Records

SoundDigger Vol.44: 50WTKM

SoundDigger Vol.42: Flying Lotus - COSMOGRAMMA

SoundDigger Vol.41: Jenny Wilson - Hardships!

SoundDigger Vol.40: SOFRITO + SOUL BONANZA

SoundDigger Vol.39: BEDROOM RESEARCH

SoundDigger Vol.38: peppermillrecords

SoundDigger #06 :: Radio Inferno und Joseph Beuys im ubuweb

SoundDigger #05 :: Radio Inferno im ubuweb

SoundDigger #04 :: AGF Delay

SoundDigger #02 :: jörg piringer

SoundDigger #01


  1. SoundDigger Vol.262 :: 02

    Da die Welt von unseren musikalischen Ausgrabungen einfach nicht genug kriegen kann und die Eingabe von "SoundDigger" im Sucher auch immer nur eine Seite mit maximal 14 Artikeln anzeigt, gibt es jetzt auf vielfachen Wunsch ab heute als Anhang ei

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  33. Sounddigger Vol.300: HipHop Beats // Hedonist Jazz

    Sister Duo Ibeyi Share Hip-Hop Inspired Mixtape Ahead Of Their Debut Album SoundDigger :: the cemetery rave list

  34. Sounddigger Vol.302: Brazilian beats - Latin Drum'n Bass - Jazz

    &lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;Remix EP by DJ Farrapo &amp;amp; Yanez&lt;/a&gt; Resense 039 by matahari sonsThe Windmills Of Your Mind by Stephan AbelSoundDigger :: the cemetery rave

  35. Sounddigger Vol.303: afro/world beats - punk 'n roll - folkpunk

    &lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;Ghost Rock by NOMO&lt;/a&gt; &lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;Don&amp;#39;t Take It Slow by

  36. Sounddigger Vol.304: ElectronicAmbientDoom - GlitterHouse - Punk

    width: 100%; height: 120px;" src="">&amp;lt;a href=&amp;quot;http://th

  37. Sounddigger Vol.306: Ceschi (hiphop) - Cocoina (CrunkHiphopJungle) - Mock Church (lo-fi indie)

    &amp;lt;a href=&amp;quot;;quot;&amp;gt;Broken Bone Ballads by Ceschi&amp;lt;/a&amp;gt; &lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;

  38. Sounddigger Vol.307: AFFEMARIA + Hanno Leichtmann + The Dead Peasants Revolt

    &amp;amp;lt;a href=&amp;amp;quot;;amp;quot;&amp;amp;gt;AFFEMARIA by Lama L.A.&amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;gt; &amp;lt;a href=&amp;quot;

  39. Sounddigger Vol.306: Ceschi (FolkPunkHiphop) - Cocoina (HiphopJungle) - Tommy Finger Jr. (deep house) - Mock Church (lo-fi indie)

    Broken Bone Ballads by Ceschi &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;a href=&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;quot;;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;quot;&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;Speed Dial by Cocoina&a

  40. Sounddigger Vol.308: deep tech house: Colman Buckley + Oli Furness // Leatherface "mush" re-release

    &lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;M1001: Colman Buckley &amp;#39;Time to Loose&amp;#39; EP by Music Is Love Records&lt;/a&gt; &lt;a href=&

  41. Sounddigger Vol.310: experimental folk ambient - experimental hip hop - deep house - glitch-hop

    &lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;The Full Color Tobacco Standard by Full Color Tobacco Standard&lt;/a&gt; &lt;a href=&quot;http://fold.bandcamp.c

  42. Sounddigger Vol.311: french folk // noise pop // indiefolk

    &amp;amp;lt;a href=&amp;amp;quot;;amp;quot;&amp;amp;gt;Sorel Soviet So What by Bernard Adamus&amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;gt; &lt;a href=&quot;http://yeahboats.ban

  43. Sounddigger Vol.313: so glad records // Riviera Club // xxx

    2 neue label, 2 neue releases.Aus Duisburg. Glaubste nich? &lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;love is only moments away by turquoise colored french tourists&lt;/a&gt; &a

  44. Sounddigger Vol.314: futurehousefunk - HipHop - frenchelectronica

    &amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;a href=&amp;amp;amp;amp;quot;;amp;amp;amp;quot;&amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;VΛPES and WΛVES, Vol. 1 by DJ Chidow and Myūjikku&amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;

  45. Sounddigger Vol.314: techhouse - gangstafolk - drum & bass - zürihouse

    ROSE010 Nachtamt - Enhanced Awareness EP (With Estroe and MUUI remixes) by Rosedale RecordsPYMP WORLD by FRANK HURRICANE&quot;It&#39;s Not OK&quot; (Suicide087) by ResponseDrumpoems Verse 2 by V.A. SoundDigger :: the cemetery rave list

  46. Sounddigger Vol.314: experimentaldiytechhouse: KACKEGERUCH

    Bock Auf Trauer by Kackegeruch Das Beste von Gestern zum Preis von Morgen (Best of 1999-2015) by Kackegeruch SoundDigger :: the cemetery rave list

  47. Sounddigger Vol.316: beats'n'breaks + abstract beats + techouse

    Wound Up Beat Tape by Next Phase Records Leave Your Head Reworked by dj.noizcut & friends Nausicaä (feat. A Guy Called Gerald) by Benno Blome SoundDigger :: the cemetery rave list

  48. Sounddigger Vol.317: For The Sad, The Mad And The Lonely + The Grand Magoozi

    For The Sad, The Mad And The Lonely by Trium Circulorum The Grand Magoozi by The Grand Magoozi SoundDigger :: the cemetery rave list

  49. Sounddigger Vol.317: postdarkwave + grlspunk + techno + hiphop

    The Color Of Sound by I Sing My Body Electric Mercy by fake boyfriend Tropic Factory by Tumult Hands Social Narcotics by Saga Asad SoundDigger :: the cemetery rave list

  50. Sounddigger Vol.319: spooky death hip hop + london glitch + german drone + Street Bangerz Volume 10

    Stoned & Dethroned by Nacho Picasso & Blue Sky Black Death Zyprazol by Sculpture TCT5 - The Slug And The Snarl by Heskin Radiophonic Street Bangerz Volume 10 by Moderator SoundDigger :: the cemetery rave list

  51. Sounddigger Vol.320: AUTONOMADS + YAWL

    Di, 21.06.2016 - Autonomads im DJäzz One Day This Will All Be Gone... EVERYTHING NOW! by Autonomads Fr, 24.06.2016 - Yawl + DJ KingHausi & skribble DJ-team im DRUCKLUFT A Pile To Keep, A Pile To Burn by YAWL SoundDigger :: the cemetery rave list

  52. Soundigger Vol. 321: Broken Silence News: SOCIEDADE RECREATIVA + RED STAR ORCHESTRA

    SOCIEDADE RECREATIVA ist das neue Projekt von DJ und Produzent MAGA BO und dem franko-brasilianischen Trio FORRÓ DE REBECA. Ihr selbstbetiteltes Album bietet einen unwiderstehlichen Mix aus modernen elektronischen Texturen und traditionellen Klängen bra

  53. Sounddigger Vol. 322: OLD SEED doomfolk - HipHop/breakbeats: Darko the Super, edison, The Criminal Minds

    kost by oldseed AD193 Darko the Super & Ialive &#39;The Hell Hole Store&#39; by Already Dead Tapes and Records edison - the hand by edison The Criminal EP by The Criminal Minds SoundDigger :: the cemetery rave list

  54. Sounddigger Vol. 323: ... to blow away your depression ...

    he could have been a poet or he could have been a fool by jordaan mason Clear Skies Over Black River by Liam the Younger holo pleasures by elvis depressedly Golgotha by Human Behavior form less by jordaan mason SoundDigger :: the cemetery rave list

  55. Sounddigger Vol. 324: ... Sounds that you will not like. ...

    BONUSROUND023 - Show Me Some Lazer by Luke&#39;s Anger Slowly Exploding EP2 by Various Artists Magnétiques by Elements of Joy Deanthoven by Deantoni Parks Wanderlust by Earth Girls SoundDigger :: the cemetery rave list

  56. Sounddigger Vol. 325: french connection: Fantôme - ABBY - VASTECHOSES 03 - Nina Harker - Usé

    Acédie - mostla tape by Fantôme ABBY Tom Disco EP by ABBY VASTECHOSES - 03 - KUKUX LAND by Sevyce - Maximus - Ballast - Air LQD - ABSL - Lostsoundbytes - Ian Tocor - Renart Nina Harker EP by Nina Harker CHIEN D&#39;LA CASSE by Usé SoundDigger ::

  57. Sounddigger Vol. 326: spoken word punk: Mark Wynn - diy folk punk: Bogsey - queer crust punk: The Dancer - tech house: Pistol Pete - jazzhiphop: FOLD

    &#39;Singles - But They&#39;re Not Really Singles, I Just Sent Them to the Screen and Said They Were Singles&#39; Singles by Mark Wynn by Mark Wynn LIVE: Mo, 07.11.2016 - Mark Wynn im DJaezz Lazy Bones by Bogsey The Dancer by COCAINE PISS Pistol

  58. Sounddigger Vol. 327: Guy Fawkes discomix :: the fifth of november remember remember // mslxrecordings

    MSLX 005 - SPILTMILK AND TOFFA - ON THE DOT by mslxrecordings MSLX 003 - SPILTMILK - INNA-HOUSE by mslxrecordings MSLX 004 - AUDIT - SUB TEMPUS by mslxrecordings Fresst Scheisse - Split EP by MÜLHEIM ASOZIAL SoundDigger :: the cemetery rave list

  59. Sounddigger Vol. 328: Electronic Cassette Culture // Coastal Haze // Complex Channel Records // TUMA Cassetten // Urban Waves Records

    Blank Tape: Electronic Cassette Culture The Vinyl Factory hat sich jetzt auch dem Thema Tapes angenommen und einen kleinen Film über aktuelle Tapelabels und deren Hintergründe gemacht. Rainforest LP by Aquarium Complex Channel Collective Tapes Vol.1

  60. Sounddigger Vol. 329: dada powell : HipHop / Mic Mills : Jungle / Folamour : House / Jens Lekman : IndiePop / Brutal Chérie : FrenchPunk

    Blackbody Radiation by dada powell The Globalise LP by Mic Mills Shakkei by Folamour Life Will See You Now by Jens Lekman Cours ou crève by Brutal Chérie SoundDigger :: the cemetery rave list

  61. SoundDigger 330 :: YUNCLAS : ambient techno / CADEU : experimental techno / HINDS : lofi surf pop / XIO : techhouse / ITPDWIP : chicago house

    Yunclas: الصراع الداخلي Conflictu Internu by Yunclas de by cadeu Leave Me Alone by Hinds Play It Rough by Xio Eye Can See The Darkness (In The End Of The Tunnel) by ITPDWIP SoundDigger :: the cemetery rave list

  62. SoundDigger 332 :: Dhidalah - Japan SpaceRock // Veitengruber - techhouse // Michèle Michèle - ambiant crooner electronica // Dyke Drama - transgirl a

    NO WATER by Dhidalah Movida002 - Veitengruber "Behind a cigarette EP" by Veitengruber 南国.大寒 - La neige se récolte au fond des parapluies by Michèle Michèle 米血儿 米血儿 Tender Resignation by Dyke Drama SoundDigger :: the cemetery rave list


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